Welcome to the Madison Music Foundry BLAST HOUSE recording studio facility.

The Blast House provides a well equipped and comfortable yet professional facility in which musicians, producers and engineers can work their skills and perfect their art. Uniting new digital technologies including High Definition and 5.1 audio with traditional old school recording techniques.

From full production of your bands next album to recording a lyric you thought up yesterday, Blast House Studios is here for you. Give us your project outline/idea with the budget, timeline and expectations and we’ll put together a game plan balancing all of these elements while ensuring the greatest value and quality levels are met.

**(disclaimer: this facility is for musicians with major label backing to musicians with no financial backing but their own.)

BLAST HOUSE STUDIO is a recording studio that works with all levels and styles of projects. From Metal to Jazz, Punk Rock to Hip-Hop the BLAST HOUSE is ready for you.

Check out our beautiful facility by clicking on the above pictures and by visiting the other sections of the website where you will find more facility pictures along with information to answer general recording questions. You can also keep current with what is happening at BLAST HOUSE STUDIOS by signing up to our blog site.


BLAST HOUSE STUDIOS is a part of the MADISON MUSIC FOUNDRY which is located 4 blocks down the street. The Blast House facility originally opened in 2005 under the name of Effigy Studios and soon after that changed names to E Labs Multimedia. Soon after opening the facility design won praise from Mix Magazine and became a nationwide contender for professional recording studio facilities. In the fall of 2009 the owner of E Labs Multimedia sold the facility to the Madison Music Foundry. Now along with the music lesson programs, hourly and monthly rehearsal studios and a unequipped recording studio that the Madison Music Foundry houses in its 7000 sq/ft facility it now has a top of line fully equipped 3000 sq/ft recording studio added to its resources available to musicians. In addition to the 24/7 Rehearsals Studios (20 monthly band studios) that is a part of the Foundry family, there is over 16,400 sq/ft of space for musicians to learn, practice, record, and teach music. All four buildings are within 5 blocks of each other, located of the Beltline/S. Fish Hatchery in Madison, Wisconsin.